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juicymoose3 years ago
Heya ! Just wanted to say thank you for the great fursuiting 'ible very helpful ;)
zack2475 years ago
i was reading your orangeboard below, and if you make a fursuit please document the hand/paws too!

its bugging me that i cant figure that part out..
Coherent7 years ago
Hi there! I hope you'll put up more instructables relating to fursuit construction, since my mate has always wanted to make a fursuit and I'm constantly on the lookout for how-to information to help him get started.
Stig-Amarok (author)  Coherent7 years ago
Might take me a bit on that front. I've only built a head, and I only did the foaming and stuff. I've yet to see it with the fur on and eyes in. If/when I do make a suit, I'll post something if it's decently made. :D
But the head is the hardest part! So maybe you could demonstrate methods that have gotten you as far as you have and then post part 2 when you work on it more. There's a lack of fursuiting instructables.
Stig-Amarok (author)  Coherent7 years ago
When I get into making a suit again, I'll try to throw something up here. It'll be some time though. I don't quite have the money to get supplies and make one right now (need to save for a new computer, my current one is slowly dying). Maybe within a year or two. If my roomie wants to make one (as I am guessing he may) I might be able to post something since he'll be paying for stuff.
Kelth7 years ago
You whore!

hehe just kidding, fancy seeing you here mister Amarok, You should change your last name to Amuck as in running a muck as.

lurva ya .-.
Stig-Amarok (author)  Kelth7 years ago
you crazy guy and your bad puns. :O
omg yay another furry *pounces and friendly hugs*
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