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dombeef7 years ago
Sorry to all Instrucables users but Sunny might not be on Instructables any more.(I know this because I know Sunny in REAL life)
:O why not?
Because she died! . . . . . . Joking but her account was hacked in again and her password was changed
Hey, can you tell her to make a new account???
Sunny124613 (author)  Flumpkins6 years ago
YEAh I'm back!
Well only it is me dombeef but she will be on momentarily...
Sunny124613 (author)  Flumpkins6 years ago
Okay, so what is up with new name <a class="entryListTitle" href="../../../member/Flumpkins/" style="padding-right: 4.0px;padding-left: 4.0px;">Flumpkins?</a><br /> (it must have a meaning of some sort...)<br /> <br /> Well, my account was hacked but fortunately<br /> dombeef is great with electronics and he <br /> helped me.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> BTW this is the real Sunny.<br />
Nah, it just sounds cool, haha.

So S n y 2 6 3, how you been? LOL REmember that thing?
Sunny124613 (author)  Flumpkins6 years ago
 OMg i remember that
aaah the good old days

i been good. 
so F u p i s    I think that the last time
we talked was a couple months ago.
the reason y, i just gave up on trying to 
recover my account....
how r u?
Im. Goood. Eatin lots of panties
panties? Yum....
Well She wants to still keep her old account because she could add on more instructables
And also if you want to  talk to her just tell me and i will tell her
Oh, okay.