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Namangupta7 months ago

sir this is naman from India. sir i seriously need ur help.... i made my 8*8*8 led cube using a Arduino uno and it is working like a charm... but the problem i got is with code i have downloaded several no. of codes from internet but non of them is executing. only one code which i got from instructable website which is separately given for a arduino user is working fine for me.

but when i execute other codes in arduino software im getting a error as

" error compiling

compilation terminated

exist status 1"

the above error is common for all codes im executing

sir plz help me out

Thank u :)

Screenshot (14).png
adrian19481 year ago

I love all this projects, I will begin to bring back my teen-age years when I build LED,S projects and tv monitor screens, I am now learning to do some programing and projects in Rasberry PI

any suggestions will be appreciated...thank you all ..I,am very happy to have this community as my friend,s ...Thanks again...So Cool...

I just got my board and parts, trying to get my head around the details of construction. One question: where did you get your 22awg bare hookup wire and solder flux?

Please read step 11 then go to ebay.

SuperTech-IT (author)  SuperTech-IT1 year ago

You can also try DigiKey.com if you need it faster.

Hello, Norman. may you know who selling housing dark plexiglass for your cube

SuperTech-IT (author)  serghei.kisly.31 year ago

No, but you can likely find anything you are looking for on eBay or local hardware or art supply store.

Thanks for the patch.

SuperTech-IT (author)  Pure Carbon1 year ago
No Problem. You don't see people going old school with the electronics here a lot.
If you ever feel like going a little more high-tech, check out my LED cubes...LOL.

I've already seen them, and let me say they are mind bottling and impressive.