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santerthy4 years ago
I have a question!! I looked at your tutorial and I must say that I like it a lot! However, the wings I intend to make someday are rather.. uhm. Huge. How would I go about making wings of this size and maintain a realistic look and hinge-movability? Yes, I have some pretty big dreams xD Thank you for your time! Sonja
rajingo5 years ago
hey dude nice angel wings im just wondering if u could make a hidden blade like off of assasins creed because im making a altiar costume and all i need is the hidden blade so if you have any spare time can you make a hidden blade instructable
dude can i just buy those from you or can you make me one and ill pay you 4 them cause if i try ill like set my house on some crazy way because well u get the point just like help me! write back please or can u give me some tips and how much is the feathers? and do u have a youtube account?
Niennis7 years ago
These are FANTASTIC! Never have I seen wings quite like this outside of my own imagination. You did a wonderful job! Have you thought of selling such wings? I must say that if the feathers are cruelty free (naturally dropped/moulted by birds) I would be terribly tempted to purchase some! Again, fantastic wings, -Niennis
T0BY (author)  Niennis7 years ago
They were very labour intensive and so I don't think it would be profitable to make them to sell to be honest. You'll have to make your own! The feathers I bought were the only ones I could find which were remotely suitable after spending a long time scouring the internet. I am a vegetarian myself, but I don't think it would be possible to have made the wings to the same standard with shed feathers. Good luck!

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