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MiniBr1t6 years ago
sick man i still need to finish half the gun i think but i know its going to be great (hopefully) but  i reckon u should make more guns cause u can think up that epic gun
TRheraklesTR (author) 9 years ago
what do you think about this rifle ? please comment ...
I think if you have this much knex and time you need o get out of the house
first of all if he had no life he would probably be fat and this rifle only takes about 2 hours to make i made this in about 1 hour (with the acception of breaks)
post plz
awesome, post it please!
you should make a mini knex gun that shoots really hard
no no no NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no more mini guns if i see a new one ill explode (opens up new window goes on instructables types knex. then new one comes up) BOOM
can u wirte the pieces
It looks sort of... FRICKIN' AWESOME. I'll make it as soon as I can. What's its range?
TRheraklesTR (author)  jetjayjay9 years ago
this rifle's range and ACCURACY are incredible but i haven't measured yet.however you should know it , i can shoot every target where ever i want from very long distance
i like turki...(removed by Geert Wilders request)
Dirtyboyy7 years ago
the rifle is cool , but it i made it too and its shoots not good , bud the rifle look nice ;) the bow have you there too instructables for?
Masterdude7 years ago
You should post more k'nex guns.