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Tethera5 years ago
on your bokken instructable on the frist picture of a bokken it show it has a piece and saparates the handle and the blade what is that made out of and how could i make one?
esdreas9 years ago
This is about your instructable of a bokken. What did you use to make the tsuba and how did you put it on? Also, what kind of glue did you use, and would the glue ever make the bokken snap in half?
TTF (author)  esdreas8 years ago
The tsuba is made from the piece of thick, soft plastic. I used titebond glue. The glue is stronger than the wood itself.
mcbr149 years ago
TTF, your article about making a japanese bokken is a very nice one, specially for the illustrations. I have one question about the curvature of the bokken. I read in another article that the curve is cut out, while here it is bent. What is the difference of bending the wood for curvature, or cutting the curvature? Which method is better?
TTF (author)  mcbr148 years ago
I like bending it - I think its easier.
Bending is better because if you carve it, you cut the grain, making it more likely to break.........I think.