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TXTCLA55 (author) 6 years ago
A new Instructable will be posted very soon, this one is all about cooling for any of you gamers. Just a sneak peak is that it will provide light in dim lighting conditions, and "suck out" any hot air that is accumulating around your gaming system. Oh and like all my projects this one will also be simple, and cheap to construct. Cheers -TXTCLA55
TXTCLA55 (author) 6 years ago
                                                  Upcoming Project!

I've being doing some digging in a bunch of parts and a local hardware store and I've come up with an idea for all those handy men/women out there. Not going to say much about it yet, but all I can tell you now is that it should help straighten things up horizontally around the house! I'll keep you posted, but remember its still on the drawing board!