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myrrhmaid4 months ago

My eyes have seen the glory of the earwig patch you sent me! Thank you! Much appreciated. Looking foreward to seeing what you come up with next! Thanks!

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)  myrrhmaid4 months ago

Excellent! I'm messing about with sugar beet roots, quite literally actually and 'The Instructinator' at . Hope you are having fun too.

SparkySolar4 months ago
Sorry, I made a few spelling errors
SparkySolar4 months ago

Ok Here we go Partb1

Arrival or parts


metal Rustoleum

seasoninf of the inside of the hive with beeswax

the view into the hive from window

the view from front( un painted)

and the steps , I will take my time working on. I promise. No rush Job

setting up in my wood

this is notmy instructible, just the first batch of pictures to you.

Thank you for the interest in my Top bar hive

I am planning to get my bees next year.

Still planning to attend BEE SCHOOL

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)  SparkySolar4 months ago

Wow, that looks really good! Definitely an instructable in the making, even if it is a kit you have bought? I think your 'selling' point could be that you are setting it up for optimum colony survival during the severe winter where you live. I can see that you've used nice thick timbers, which will help with the insulation. Other top bar hives just use a plastic oil drum, which would be no good during a cold winter. Well done!

You are a GENIOUS
I KNEW I would get help from you. This was the project, I was trying to thing to do. To raise the 100% death rate to 100%.
i spoke to a few People and looked at a few Hives..

They look flimsy in comparison to the strudy walls .

I will still insulate. The most Experienced Bee Keeper ( 800 Hives)
recommends water heater insulation. Hmmm

I read another one of the Instructables, whichrecommends Some sort of Foam insulation.
I like this Idea, I heard from my neighbor, that it would be extremely

I can start saving up now.
This Is how I am doing it now. I hust learned about
Comb spacers

I got them, 1-2 items a month.

The 3 option was to put the HIVE inside a sturdy green house.
about 400$

I saved all the trees My 16 year old neighbor's Boy hacked down for me

~ Or a variation or all three
~ or Experiment

Rima aka Sparky