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Notice: I am about to create the Pistol Instructable, you will have between now (May 2nd) and May 11th. Get to it!

akshat210452 years ago

Wow, sorry that I didn't follow you till now... I thought that I did. Hmmmmm

TheAwesomestDude (author)  akshat210452 years ago
oh well, you are now! thanks for subscribing!

You're welcome!

Thanks for sub!

hunter9992 years ago

Thanks for subbing! Its greatly appreciated :-)

TheAwesomestDude (author)  hunter9992 years ago
I actually thought that I did a long time ago but apparently not so I decided to. =D

Yep! That happens to me way too often, all the same.

2012 comments lol
TheAwesomestDude (author)  megustatrains3 years ago
Lol awesome'
Thanks for the patch! It means a lot!!! (Once I know how to make patches I will try and make one for you and one for Nerf. :D)
no problem!
Here is a list of the attachments for our attachments 'ible:
Slanted fore-gip
ACOG sight
Basic Scope
Grenade launcher (such as the M203)
Red dot sight (it does not have to have a red dot, it just has to look like a red dot sight)
Holographic sight
Heart censor
Attachment rails

Now keep in mind, our versions can be as different as a cannon ball and a banana...
Whoops, NVM. I just realized that if you and I were to post a full 'ible of BOTH our attachments, it would be insanely too long, so I am probably just gonna post my own... if that does not offend you.