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foxwoodfarm4 years ago
Clever idea. One question, how much air pressure can the horns handle. With an air compressor to fill the tank I worry I may put too much pressure in and blow up the horns.
TheChadster (author)  foxwoodfarm4 years ago
Thank you. I believe that the horns i can withstand about 100- 120 PSI. The most that I put through the horns was about 60 PSI. In the video, i was putting about 40 PSI through them.

I want to use this on a car to see if I can get more volume out of the air horns. I am going to use an empty small propane tank or something similar. I will have to make a pressure shut off switch for the stock compressor and have it turn on to pressurize the tank.
TheChadster (author)  foxwoodfarm4 years ago
Ahh that's a great idea! I would love to see pictures of your horn hookup once it's completed