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I work a lot of hours assembling cement mixer trucks and when I'm not doing that I'm raising kids and therefore fixing more stuff than I get to make (hopefully I will upload some of the things I've made before I die of old age). I also play bass guitar and have been self educating myself in the craft of making videos. I also created the first specialized Heavy Metal Search Engine (using Google's code) which anyone can use at: LegendaryKingdoms.net
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    Trail Camera Lock

    Nice idea but chances are if someone is going to take the $5 SD card they are also going to take something else if they can - especially if you are using your trail camera for security purposes anyway. I've dealt with the commercial metal boxes that don't fit a particular camera by modifying them. I had one that was too small and simply cut a couple sections off the open faced area and grinded the cut areas smooth with a Dremel. On another metal lock box that was too big I used some hard rubber and cut rectangles out and lined the inside of the box with them (using glue) until the camera would be held snug. I also used Sugru along the edge where the on/off button was to make sure nobody can just reach in their with something and power off the camera.

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