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  • TinaM70 commented on SoapyHollow's instructable How To: Make Bath Bombs1 year ago
    How To: Make Bath Bombs

    The water, or any liquid for that matter DOES make a big difference. When it comes to these, just add them SLOWLY, and wisk as you are doing it. If you add too much liquid ingredients, it could end up getting what they call "warts"/ They will not react as well , but are still useable.

    If they are puffing up immediately, put the mix back in the bowl and add more DRY ingredients.

    When they are ready, they should be stored in an glass jar (like canning jars) or other well sealing glass jar to prevent moisture from getting to them. Hope that helps.

    The bumps are called "warts". also caused by too much moisture. Try a little less liguid (water, oils, witch hazel etc..)

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