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happyjo5 years ago
Thank you for joining the "Glee" group!
Lowney5 years ago
Hey Subscriber! Just wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Thanks for subscribing as always, and sticking with me! If you could take the time to check out my new forum topic, that would be awesome, as well as my new video! Both links are below, and once again, Merry Christmas!




On a more casual note, I haven't seen you on PSN for ages lol, you made a new account or something? :P
Tom Buckey (author)  Lowney5 years ago
Yeah haha, I forgot the password on my last one D:
My new one is: respawning-in-9 :D
And Cerry Christmas to you too.
How's your arm?
Tom Buckey (author)  TheFoofinator5 years ago
Its better now :D ill be posting the 'Ibles soon.
Oblivitus6 years ago
Will you be posting either of my oodammo slingshot guns? Please respond.
Tom Buckey (author)  Oblivitus6 years ago
Hey, Sorry I havent been able to do much stuff because I've been on holiday and busy with school work but I will be posted before next week finishes. Sorry for the wait. BUT I will not be posting the second one because I haven't built it and I wont have time sorry.....
Jesus.6 years ago
sonן¡ ʎonɹ ǝɐʇ ƃo
Tom Buckey (author)  Jesus.6 years ago
Jesus.6 years ago
Hello friend and fellow knexer! I would love it if you could check out my new knex gun!

Hunter O.6 years ago
Do you have Modern Warfare 2? If so what platform?
Tom Buckey (author)  Hunter O.6 years ago
Yes I do. PS3 :) you?
Xbox 360
Jesus.6 years ago
Did You know you were the second person to subscribe to me!

(I was the 1st :-P)
Tom Buckey (author)  Jesus.6 years ago
I was the first person to subscribe to me!
 :) lol