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Good one on Milling Machine. Thanks for the post.!

Sounds good. Thanks for sharing with me.

Creative stuffs. Thanks for the post.

Thanks for sharing.. Great post keep posting.

Nice collections Tom...!!! Cool stuffs..!

Hi Mr. McGuire,

I plan to build an Arduino shield based on your stepper motor driver. Can you please share your schematic .sch and .brd files ?



blinkizod3 years ago
Awesome project mr. Mcguire...
i am from Guatemala city (Central America) I wish someday build a 4x8 feet cnc with a friend but here is some hard to get the information and materials... but would be a great idea import the motors and drivers from USA. we are looking for information because due to language is some hard to find projects like CNC in spanish pages i appreciate your help. greetings from Guatemala

ojha3 years ago
hello every one.i m doing this project in my university ,so i have done all the physical parts of ths,now i need of the software so how should i get it?
69fordf1005 years ago
could you use drawer slides as opposed to the bearing setup. I've got the pipe frame built and trying to keep this very low budget.
You can get bearings from bike shops for 50 cents each. This will be much much cheaper than drawer slides.
hopkins35333 years ago
Does anyone have a parts list for this project
gabdan5 years ago
can i use irf 730 as there is no other
grzegor415 years ago
How to check the electronic system without connection to the engine
Please help me i want to know the specifications of capacitors?
Capacitor 10 volt or more and about 200 uf,

Panasonic Digi-Key P10346-ND