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kelseymh3 years ago
Do you have a URL for the MAKE Magazine reference? Alternatively, which of your instructables was used, and which image from that Instructable? Did you contact either MAKE or the staff member who posted?
Twotim221 (author)  kelseymh3 years ago
I did contact them a while back with no response. I just checked their page again though, and they have a link to the ible now. The problem is that so many different sites have summarized and reposted my ible- the ones that did it first have links back to my ible, but the second, third . . . They either don't link back to it or they just link back to the site where they found it. So, you end up with a long string of links away from the original. This gets even for confusing when you are linked to sites that have translated the ible into another language.
This is a universal truth, unfortunately. It's quite disappointing that MAKE didn't reply to you, but at least they added attribution. As for the link-to-link-to-link chain, that's the aggregators end up working, especially when the humans behind the scenes don't know or care to try to track down original sources :-(