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V-Man737 (author) 8 years ago
Napoleon Morrison.
1Napoleon Morrison.JPG
Hey, it's that guy from The Doors.....
V-Man737 (author)  Camisado6 years ago
Hmm, I've since gotten GIMP and I can see all the flaws in that slap-chop job. Yes! Napoleon Morrison, from The Doorks..... I dunno, every time I saw the original album cover, I couldn't see anyone but Napoleon Dynamite. I figured this photoshop job would help everyone agree with me. :-)
Dude, you are full of epic win.
ll.13 V-Man7378 years ago
V-Man737 (author)  ll.138 years ago
Thanks! It actually does look a bit like me...
V-Man737 (author) 7 years ago
Now I'm an official member!
Instructables Junkie.JPG
NYPA V-Man7376 years ago
How do you do that?
V-Man737 (author)  NYPA6 years ago
Mr. McCoy made it for me! He is nice. Perhaps if you are also a junkie, and you ask super nicely, he might be motivated to make one for you, too!
The junkie forum is here.
Ya!!! So am I!!
sharlston7 years ago
i really like your tracking device
V-Man737 (author)  sharlston7 years ago
Thanks! You should post pics of when you build your own!
REDNEK7778 years ago
stop makeing fun of evrybodys stuff
V-Man737 (author)  REDNEK7778 years ago
What have I made fun of? Besides your spelling.