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VacuumTube (author) 2 years ago
Pee-Wee tried to go to the 2014 Airfest at Mc Dill A.F.B. but was told " GET BACK IN YOU CAR IMMEDIATLY!!" So he did. So I had to grab the pics(most of them with out him). Sad day for Pee-Wee but the other 200,000 + people had an awesome time.

P.S. If you look at the pic #'s you will see my son took over 1600 pics.
airfest 134.jpgairfest 035.JPGairfest 046.JPGairfest 128.JPGairfest 254.JPGairfest 336.JPGairfest 337.JPGairfest 353.JPGairfest 358.JPGairfest 361.JPGairfest 411.JPGairfest 443.JPGairfest 630.JPGairfest 643.JPGairfest 643.JPGairfest 646.JPGairfest 648.JPGairfest 702.JPGairfest 703.JPGairfest 732.JPGairfest 766.JPGairfest 793.JPGairfest 1049.JPGairfest 1066.JPGairfest 1073.JPGairfest 1224.JPGairfest 1313.JPGairfest 1330.JPGairfest 1373.JPGairfest 1395.JPGairfest 1397.JPGairfest 1422.JPGairfest 1440.JPGairfest 1443.JPGairfest 1460.JPGairfest 1516.JPGairfest 1574.JPGairfest 1592.JPG