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canucksgirl4 years ago
Great projects WUVIE! They are making my mouth water. :)
I might not have seen your page, had you not left such a nice comment on my iced gingerbread cookies. :D

I'm following you now!
onrust5 years ago
Are the stunt frogs union?
And here I thought you said you only teased Canadians.... LOL :D
WUVIE (author)  onrust5 years ago

Actually, they own the place. We are the forced labor. Every Spring, they gather to remind us to put the umbrellas up (their hideaway), fill the ponds (their breeding grounds) and to purchase ear plugs to sleep at night. It gets pretty loud around our house with all the frog noise, but we love it!
onrust WUVIE5 years ago
OMG. You guys have passion flower on your website! The one plant I knew of was HUGE. It was also in southern California. When I left, I took a cutting..... It didn't do well inside a Phoenix window..... Man, it tried like heck. Great site and I hope you have a good season.
WUVIE (author)  onrust5 years ago
Hello Onrust!

Many thanks for your message. Isn't the Passiflora just incredible?
It is considered a weed in some areas, but we sure love it, too.

:-) Karen

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