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Aug. 20, 2011
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  • nmpudhyog commented on WaffleM's forum topic Removing hair dryer heating element4 months ago

    Yes i agree you. it release very hot air which is harmful for hair...........But i have no idea about that

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  • DavidD196 commented on WaffleM's forum topic Removing hair dryer heating element10 months ago

    Be careful. Don't attempt to do this.The simple answer is that you can't remove the heating coil and have the dryer blow only cold air. The coil acts as a resistance and drops the voltage to the DC motor to something around 12-20 volts. If you remove the coil or short circuit it in some way to take it out of the loop you will be supplying 110 volts across the bridge rectifier before the DC motor. This will likely cause to rectifier diods to melt or the DC motors to short circuit and burn. There is is no recovery from this. It will happen in an instant so don't try it. Also there is no way to put another resistor in there instead of the heating elements. As the resistor will generate just as much heat as the coil already does in order to drop the voltage to what the DC motor can handle. You will have to find a small AC-DC transformer that gets the 110v and converts it into 12V and then connect that 12V to your DC motor and only then you can remove the coil and put the transformer in its place. The transformer will get a bit hot but will be negligible. The type of hair dryers that can blow cold air use motors that can be connected to AC voltage. Which are more expensive. The cheap hair dryer use the coil as a way to reduce the voltage for DC motor.

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