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  • How to make REAL Japanese ramen from scratch

    The cheep packs of ramen use sodium for a preserver but real ramen using Alkaline water has a high sodium content and is not as bad for you as normal sodium.

    it dose not rise. once mixed use rolling pin or pasta maker to form if you use a pin it is harder but roll it flat and then cut in to strips, hang to dry if using right away I have learned that letting it dry for 15 to 30 min helps some.

    backing soda is not the normal ingredient they use a water high in Alkaline, but if you bake, baking soda you get a compound close to the Alkaline water so it is used as a substitute.

    if you have more than you need like I do I dry it however this recipe, well any with egg should be used asap but real ramen or any pasta that dose not need egg can be dried and then put in air tight container for later use how ever it can spoil easy if the air gets. I only store mine for a few days however friends of mine take my noodles home after dried and they keep for a couple of weeks.

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