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kimi razali10 years ago
hi there. i read your comment on the solar panel holder and you have suggested to include photosensors to it. currently im in my final year of degree program and am doing a project on adaptive solar panel. my supervisor advised me to include photosensor to the solar panel. the problem is how can i integrate the photosensor with the panel. could you please tell me how can a photosensor make sure that the solar panel is perpendicular to the sun direction? thank you.
Wonderground (author)  kimi razali9 years ago
Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I neglected to check comments.

I forget where but awhile ago someone made a project called somewhere along the lines of the electric sunflower. It used a simple passive circuit to rotate towards the sun.

It is more complex but you could also program up a Dev board to have a left and right photo sensor inputs, if left is greater then right rotate left until =

There should be information out about similar ideas, I am sure it has been done many times.