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  • Xandaa commented on Le Boeuf's instructable Ski-bike ( full suspension )2 years ago
    Ski-bike ( full suspension )

    Hi!Great snowbike instructable! Im going to make a similar one this christmas. I was wondering how you worked out the geometry of the new swingarm for the rear ski.Did it just come with the salvaged part of the small mtb, of did you calculate the movement of the ski vs. the compression of the shockabsorber? What would you think be an ideal ratio between those? Also, i didnt quite get how you used an old snowboard to make al leafspring to maintain a proper angle for the front ski during jumps. How did you connect this, and woundnt it be easier to put a torsionspring in the hub?I hope i don't bother you with too many questions, the project looks awesome and i cant wait to get started!Thanks

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