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Blue Mullet 29 months ago

Thanks for subscribing!

Zombiekiller-93 (author)  Blue Mullet 29 months ago
That's ok
dr. richtofen9 months ago

Thanks for subscribing :D

Zombiekiller-93 (author)  dr. richtofen9 months ago
That's ok
JonnyBGood10 months ago

Thanks for the sub! Hope you continue making interesting knex guns! Speaking of which, what are you working on?

Zombiekiller-93 (author)  JonnyBGood10 months ago

That's ok

Well wait and see, I will be posting more knex guns in the future but my next creation will not be a gun, it will be something completely different. It will be posted at the end of February once it is finished.

Thanks for the sub bro! Your ibles are pretty great! Happy 20th birthday! 
Zombiekiller-93 (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago