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May 1, 2009
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  • The Best Bluetooth for your Boat (v0.1)

    Great build! I've got a suggestion to upgrade your installation: Install a Raspberry Pi (3) based OpenPlotter system, and then install a slimserver and Squeezelite. It would probably already fit in the box you have. I've got a 250gb hard disk on the system on my boat, which stores my 34K song music collection, and stores charts for Openplotter. So, with a single $35 computer (plus a few add-ons), For not a lot of money, you can have:A chart plotter (it displays on a tablet via VNC) with inputs for a cheap SDR-based AIS receiver and NMEA inputs from sounder, log, wind, GPS, etc.A WIFI hot spot and repeaterA huge music library with integrated music playerHave a look at these links:OpenPlotter: http://www.sailoog.com/en/openplotterSqueezeserver and Squeezelite: http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Multi...Again, great build, and good luck on your boat project!

    Happy to help, and perhaps I'll do an instructable when I'm done with everything. I'm also a Navionics Boating HD user, and I'm also interested in potentially streaming depth and log data to the tablet. So, I'll be using OpenCPN and Navonics on the same tablet. I sail in Mexico, and the charts are not as good, or easy to obtain, as the great NOAA charts in the USA. Have fun and good sailing!

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