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  • Mastering the 2016 Published Original KFC Recipe copycat

    You mentioned "the cookers we used" - does it imply that you used to work at KFC? Do they not use that method anymore nowadays, opting for that original way that I mentioned?

    Thanks for fine tuning the recipe. I saw a comment on a youtube video that in the 1950's someone's mom worked for KFC and they used to precook the chicken pieces in a pressure cooker for around 6 minutes, let it cool, then do the usual coating and frying for that crisp tender texture. Not sure if they still do that or if they actually fry the raw chicken directly in a pressure cooker. The original way ensures that the chicken is cooked all the way through so that you can fry it with the usual coating until it is visually just right without worrying about the internal temperature. I think I might try that technique with your recipe ingredients. Thanks!

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