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bendog386 years ago
 Wait, dude, you're a Boy Scout!??!     I'm an EAGLE SCOUT.  What rank are you???
bendog386 years ago
 UHHHHHH..........    Kid, how long have you been airsofting,    if you have been doing this for a while, give some advice to a rookie (aka: me),  i'm set to enter a vietnam style war in a few months and I'm getting a pump shotgun and a small pistol before long and I need advice and tactics.
bootdsc8 years ago
look, you need to stop waisting peoples time with your horrible posts. Take the time to post something worth looking at.
airsoftmaster191 (author)  bootdsc8 years ago
oh and you want good stuff? im makeing a cool guild soon to make airsoft acsessories. and i can delete your message you know. so dont insault me.
That's a terrible reason not to insult someone...
"and i can delete your message you know. so dont insault me."

Ohhhh... Scary.
And still no "cool guild"
bootdsc7 years ago
still no "cool guild" instructables could make use of a noob filter
bcarl6 bootdsc7 years ago
haha I know
That would be awsome.
bcarl67 years ago
are you 6? did you ever attend school? learn how to spell before making any other instructables
Is there any point to favorite your own instructables?
bumpus8 years ago
In a slideshow, you can show off projects or things that you have made. If you want to show something, but its not enough to fill an instructable, you can show pictures of it in a slideshow and write a short summary of the project.

Please read...
Your last two slideshows aren't proper use of said function, please remove them.

Also, Welcome to Instructables, I noticed Eric has not greeted you. I am not of staff, but am a face in the community, and am offering you any advise needed, If you have any questions feel free to ask me, or anyone on the site really.
airsoftmaster191 (author)  bumpus8 years ago
or what. im going to get banned? andi can tell your a staff.
How could you possibly tell that he's "Staff"?