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Hey Akshat! Here's an image for you! Tell me if you like it!

akshat21045 (author)  nerfrocketeer17 days ago
Its p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

Glad you like it! Thanks for the mention!

akshat21045 (author)  nerfrocketeer17 days ago
You're welcome! And thanks once again!

Sure! :)

akshat21045 (author) 17 days ago
Hey guys, I was wondering if you had a good gun which I could build. In a week or two, I will get some more k'nex so I should be able to build with no limits.
JonnyBGood1 month ago

Buzzsaw is posted now. =D

akshat21045 (author)  JonnyBGood1 month ago
I see it! I'm gonna make it soon! (Maybe tomorrow)

Thanks for subscribing

akshat21045 (author)  Zombiekiller-931 month ago
Your Welcome!
JonnyBGood1 month ago

Just posted the official preview of Zip3. =D

I'm really happy how it turned out, but as a heads up it uses more pieces than Zip2 ( I can tell by the weight.)

akshat21045 (author)  JonnyBGood1 month ago
Yay! I saw that and it was awesome. Too bad I don't have the pieces to make it (although I can make Zip2).

That's good! I'll still make instructions too. Check out this video too

akshat21045 (author)  JonnyBGood1 month ago

I saw the video! Finally got to hear your voice XD. I see that you have made removable magazines! That is cool, but I loved the dual barrel part of Zip2, which is dropped.

Yeah I actually talked in this one. Thought it would be a good thing to do, especially when there's so much that happens in this gun.

Zip2's dual barrel feature was dropped in this gun mainly due to sophistication in the mech. Also Zip2 was a great idea for rate of fire, but really range is limited by the fact that the pump had to pull two ramrods back. Single ram designs allow for elastics to be on one ramrod for more power. It also has bolt action, so this only increases the ranges this gun is capable of achieving.

So while Zip2 would dominate in a 40ft knex war, maybe an indoor scenario, Zip3 brings the fight outdoors with up to 60 feet of range. Nothing against Zip2, which as you can see, I still have my modified Zip2. It's just each Zip is for a different scenario.

Zip-close quarters 0-35ft

Zip2-mid range 0-40ft

Zip3-long range 0-60ft. (0ft would be complete overkill with this gun)


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