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Ebatley3 years ago
Hi all, I have read this info a few times over and have just harvested my first small garlic crop. I'm really excited to try this, sounds great. However I know it may sound stupid but I've got a little lost on how exactly to make or buy the machine and how is best to "water" it. Sorry can someone please spell it out in 1,2,3 dummy terms? Thank you in advance ;0)
akulinary (author)  Ebatley3 years ago
To buy a commercial machine it can cost a lot of money, You basically want to create a temperature controlled room, a wine cooler, with a heat source to allow the box to stay steadily at 140 degrees F. Once you have a vessel that can do this then you just need time and a few practice runs.
Ebatley Ebatley3 years ago
Sorry I didn't seem able to post it along side the correct stream, very new to all this ;0)