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Sept. 28, 2013
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  • Home Remedy For Poison Ivy/ Poison oak

    Nail polish isn't a reasonable item to use. The rash is caused by oil, thus, nothing to "suffocate". Wash 3 times with soap and water as quickly as you can after exposure to get rid of as much oil as possible. Use cool water as hot will increase not only the absorption of the oil into the skin, it brings additional histamine to the area and INCREASES itching. All you can do after that is benadryl or calamine lotion and wait. Will take a week or so to get better. If it continues to get worse, you'll need to see your physician about going on topical, oral or injectable steroids.

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  • Home Remedy For Poison Ivy/ Poison oak

    Hot water makes it itch SO FREAKING BAD!!! I have a few poison rashes on my face and I'm just trying to minimize the rash as I have a date tomorrow.... will ibuprofen help? It helps with Inflammation?

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