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iNate4 years ago
I'm in 9th two and interested in computers, I'm working on making my own website now, but I don't have a lot of free time to do it :(.

 Check out my burning text example.
amakerguy (author)  M4industries6 years ago
 Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!
ReCreate7 years ago
Aha :) Where did you get the idea to go pro?
amakerguy (author)  ReCreate7 years ago
well it wasn't from you... it was skate6566
Oh...Well then, I See that stop motion website of yours, its neat :D one problem, Youtube is Unavailable within my network, can you upload .avi's or something?(to your server of course, I'bles have a 10MB limit, if the file is less than 10 MB then i suppose you...I am getting tired of typing, you know what i was saying ;) )
Also, Your PSP is a 3000 Right?
If i have not mistaken, I think there is an exploit out there for it, you might want to try it ;)
Tell me if you get it to work ;)
amakerguy (author)  ReCreate7 years ago
well I don't have my PSP anymore I sold it... I'm just not that into gaming anymore. IDK what your talking about.... you want me to upload my videos so you can download them??? I don't think so.... idk why youtube isn't working on your computer sorry. just go and watch the videos on youtube! http://www.youtube.com/techykid
You sold your psp? *gasp*(bad move...)
And yes, So that i can download them, but that would be too messy, maybe embed a windows media player window playing the video's?
I don't think so....
Why not? People are already downloading the videos when they load in the youtube player...
What you think that i'm gonna burn them to dvd's and sell them? XD
amakerguy (author)  ReCreate7 years ago
Well I play my PSP rarely so I sold it and got money.. sorry that you can't watch my videos... I'm not going to go to all that trouble just for one person... try it on another computer... or Google your problem..
I got it to work, i saw your psp behind one of the videos...
You are a seriously kewl 9th grader. I have the same interests and I am in 8th grade. One question : how did you get started in Stop motion?
amakerguy (author)  M4industries7 years ago
Thanks! I think its awesome that you got to see Erik Beck I really love indy mogul! how I got started on stop motion: I was randomly browsing youtube and came across some lego stop motion videos and thought that it was awesome! so I instantly started searching on google (and youtube) for tutorials on how to make stop motion animation and started messing around with my digital camera and meanwhile I was learning HTML and websites and graphic design I decided to make Stop Motion Pictures! and then made the website (www.aaronvail.com) and it just took off like that.... Your Digitally, Aaron Vail
Thats awesome!! Are you making money with the two companies?