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June 1, 2007
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  • ardrhi commented on spaktashabit's instructable Simple Lightsaber1 month ago
    Simple Lightsaber

    Is there a particular reason why you used discrete LEDs and not an LED ribbon? That might have saved you some effort and the concern that the LEDs be faced correctly. The LEDs might not be spaced as close together as yours are, but you could use two staggered lengths, or one length doubled back on itself and offset slightly. There's hundreds of types of LED strip lighting out there that could be used. Just one quick search showed one like this: https://www.amazon.com/Sunsbell-Lights-Powered-Wat...It has RGB LEDs that can be externally controlled to show any color you want, and even display some lighting effects.

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  • Crossbow - Cross Country Ski Bow, if you prefer

    Ok...First let me say that it's a very interesting project, and the cover picture is amazing. The project is a great reuse of old stuff that otherwise would probably find its way into a landfill somewhere. Better to turn at least part of it into something useful!But the TITLE needs some work, for the simple reason that it's misleading. "Crossbow" has a specific meaning, and that ISN'T A CROSSBOW. I get the pun, believe me, but it still has my inner pedant banging on the inside of my skull, screaming that it ISN'T A CROSSBOW!So, good 'ible. But the title makes those of us with a touch of OCD want to start hand-washing and counting the lines in the wood-grain.

    Sorry, I should have put this in my original post, but it's not uncommon for someone to be right-handed but left-eye dominant. I have the same problem, and have to shoot a bow or a rifle left-handed, or I have to perform terrible gyrations and corrections to the sight picture in order to hit where I want the projectile to go. Better to shoot left-handed and actually hit what I'm aiming at.You can tell if which eye is dominant by keeping both eyes open and pointing at an object some distance away. Across the room is fine. Then close one eye, doesn't matter which one. If your finger seems to jump and point somewhere else, you just closed your DOMINANT eye. If your finger stays still, you closed the non-dominant eye. If you're right-handed but left-eyed, you'll probably shoot better with a left-handed weapon, and vice-versa. I believe this strikes people with glasses, especially those with a weak eye or what they used to call "amblyopia" (wandering eye), as the weak eye isn't held at the proper position to converge the images correctly. Glasses compensate for the wander. But if your weak eye is the same as the one matching your handedness, you'll likely develop opposite-eye dominance. That's why I have it. It can make some things that assume parity of eye dominance with handedness more difficult.

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