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MikeH8910 months ago

Hi, I am attempting to make your 15 min sundial, I entered all the info in for my location, printed it up etc - but everything seems backward/reversed. It only seems to work if I point the gnomon south, and write the hours in the opposite direction. I am in the Southern Hemisphere. Have I missed something when entering in the data? Thanks

arpruss (author)  MikeH8910 months ago
Yes, the gnomon needs to be pointed south if you're in the southern hemisphere. I just printed a sample. It is my understanding that in the southern hemisphere, the hours need to be printed counterclockwise, which is what I have. Are you able to look at my source code and figure out what's wrong? It's been a really long time for me since I wrote it.
MikeH89 arpruss10 months ago
Thanks so much for replying. I tried entering my data in again, and good news, it worked ok. I think it may have been because I didn't specify S or E in the Latitude/Longitude co-ordinates the first time. I'm using it as a prototype to make a bigger one as a useful garden feature. I'm enjoying the challenge. Thanks again.

I like your foam covered sword idea, thanks, i would just like to change the internal part of very light plastic instead of wood, he still waves it too hard.

arpruss (author)  shruti.takhral2 years ago
One of the reasons I went with wood was because I was reading in Amazon reviews of commercial foam covered swords with PVC cores that the cores break.

If he waves it too hard, I have two recommendations:
1. Teach him not to. :-) That worked for our kids, but then our kids are exceptionally safety conscious.
2. Shorten the wooden core. This may require shortening the sword somewhat, too. If you have about a foot of pure foam at the end, this will help a lot.
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