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I am working with Raspberry Pi's and Arduino to keep my mind as sharp as possible in my retirement. I am just starting and looking forward to having fun with these micro computers. My main challenge is obtaining necessary equipment here in Costa Rica.
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    Restore a vintage power drill

    I have one of these drills which is in good shape, it was bought new by my father to assist him building our home that was started in 1949. He used it to drill holes in the tongue of tongue and groove oak flooring to keep it from cracking. He had drilled hundreds of holes in that tongue and groove flooring all though out the house. i used it for several years after my father passed. I still have the original cord which had a lead which was threaded to ground the drill by screwing that into the cover hole of an outlet (I think). I'll pass grandpa's drill to my son who likes collecting family oldies.

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