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assemblyrequired (author)  rogernavi25 days ago

Sorry for the late reply, I've been having some glitches regarding email notifications...

Thanks for your comment, and I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed my content!

M3G9 months ago

Thanks for following me!

assemblyrequired (author)  M3G9 months ago

I wish I had done it sooner, you've got a lot of great content!

Thanks man!
techmind489 months ago

The guide Make a Live USB to boot from a USB drive is clear and helpful.

Can we load Windows XP on USB drive and use on a system with Windows 7 OS?

Waiting for your reply

A. S. Bhasker Raj



assemblyrequired (author)  techmind489 months ago

Another comment for you! Sorry to spam all this at you. I got a comment recommending another tool, Linux Live USB, ( which allows you to get it going from a disk. Hopefully it can work from there.

assemblyrequired (author)  techmind489 months ago

Okay, so another note- I actually just got back from chatting with a Linux guru, and he was saying that the windows XP .ISO will have some anti-piracy stuff on it you'll need to get around, so it won't be easy, but it will be possible.

assemblyrequired (author)  techmind489 months ago

In theory, it should be possible to do this with any .iso file, as long as you have a clean copy. One person actually commented on the instructable mentioning that they had done this with Windows XP (with success). It shouldn't matter what the current operating system on the machine is, as long as you can get to the boot menu.

Best of luck, and I hope it goes well!


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