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Thank you sooooo much.
Shifrin8 years ago
Oh, by the way I see you are new here! I'm Alex, I do not work for instructables, but I'm here to help out! If you have any questions you can ask me! P.S. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work! ~Shifrin
babakers5 (author)  Shifrin8 years ago
Thanks so much...yes, I am new hear but have been going on the lion brand web-site for some time now and always get their latest emails with the latest patterns(you know, for the great patterns and inspirational afghans and such). I thought that (luckily for getting the email about the contest)since I'm signing up for that maybe I could make a lot of friends that have the same things in common. This will also help keep me going when seeing other's creations. shoes, hats, afghans, sweaters and everything else. I don't know of anywhere else I could go to get as much as I do here. sorry If my mind took over. I tend to talk a lot. I don't really converse with anyone other than my 14, 6 and 4 year old...and their friends. My husband is always working so I dont have another grown up to talk to until very late in the evening and by that time...I'm not much of a conversationist myself. I'll try to keep my posts short for the convienience of everyone reading...wouldn't want to boar everyone the first day as a member. Barb
I LOVE your Lighthouse Afghan. My sister-in-law loves lighthouses and I would like to make that for her for next Christmas (it would probably take me at least tht long). Is there anyway to get the patter? masweeney
babakers5 (author)  masweeney8 years ago
I would love and will try to get and scan the pattern for you as soon as I can. Thanks so much for the comment. Barb
Shifrin8 years ago
I was Guessing you would respond like that!