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batonas (author) 3 years ago
normal baking yeast dry or live. 100% pure wheat powder? haven't tried to make kvass from that, but I guess it should work in theory, only tried it with dark wheat bread, and I think its the best way to go, you can try that powder but what I think you will end up with will be a dough that will clog up any filter and alot of mess, read the full instructable one more time, everything's explained and detailed there there I guess your new here so did you know that there are a few pages of instructable and at the bottom of the page theres a button next page, it was struggling with the interface at first myself :) If you got any other questions feel free to ask :)
shhl3 years ago

One more question, the yeast you put into the water with sugar is that normal dry yeast for make bread or special yeast for brew for champagn etc.? I got 100% pure wheat powder yesterday already.Thanks for you answering me!
shhl3 years ago
Thank you so much, I will try it for sure. And do I need burn the black wheat bread in burned condition or just golden brown yellow color? I lived near Russan before. I drank when I was a little girl, I thought it is beer, as people near the bondary only gave me a little to avoid to make tiny girl drunk. I wanted more but was shamed to ask more. Can not forget the taste and color. So I want to make by myself when I grown up big enough.Thank you so much to share! God bless you!
batonas (author)  shhl3 years ago
actually burning is only for color so the more you burn the more color you get what I usually do is burn one side to till its dry and then burn the other till its all black, the taste depends on how much bread broth you use I usually mix it about 50:50 with water but you can experiment yourself to get that taste you had before. after 3-4 days of brew a jugful of kvass makes my dizzy :P It's fun to know you liked my instructable, have a nice drink and god bless you too :)
finton3 years ago
Hi batonas. In your comment in http://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-and-Easy-Automatic-House-Plant-Watering-Syst/?ALLSTEPS you mentioned that you grow button mushrooms. I'v tried one of those mushroom kits twice, but never got them to fruit. Would you do an Instructable on your method please?
batonas (author)  finton3 years ago
actually you don't need a kit, a small plastic bag with compost will do, and for spores use some button mushrooms from the store. I tried to grow button mushrooms using a guide from e-how or something, got the healthy layer of spores but when I added another layer of compost the whole thing just died, I guess it's because the area was not ventilated at all and those mushrooms grow in meadows, and the temperature have some influence, I guess the usual room temperature should do well, I will try to grow them this year, If successful I will make the instructable. I will let you know about that.
finton batonas3 years ago
Ah, ventilation. I had mine in a cupboard which kept the right temperature etc, but hadn't thought about the ventilation. I'd like to see an Instructable when you get a successful production.
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