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eyebot1177 years ago
Hey, bdring! I apologize, as you are most likely busy right now, but I want you to see this- I posted this on your steamroller instructible, but I'm not sure that you saw it. I'd like to see what you think, and your opinion as to whether or not it would work. Anyway, this is a very general 3D model of a 1-person steerable legway of my own design. This is something that is aimed for more use than in the backyard-on hills, rough terrain, grass, you name it. Here's a picture of it, the other pics are on my comment on your instructable, as is an explanation of how it works.
Legway unit.png
bdring (author)  eyebot1177 years ago
I looks like an interesting mechanism. I think it would work better for something like a one person steamroller where you don't have to actively balance. Riding the Legway is like balancing a long stick on the palm of you hand. It is not too difficult, but add in a a bunch of levers, gears, joints, etc and it become more difficult very quickly. Backlash is also a concern. You should prototype it...prove me wrong. I had an idea in mind that is so simple, you will probably say I cheated. It will only take about an hour to prototype. I have a lot of other projects in the works that might get in the way of doing it and I am leaving town for a few weeks. Check back every so often. If it all works out, I will probably make an Instructable out of it.
Crap. Found a fatal flaw in my design for the steerable Legway... It'd be so unstable, that it'd dump you off as soon as you got on it. The reason is because it's top-heavy. You were right after all! The steering design seems pretty good, but none of that matters if you can't even mount it. To make it stable, you'd have to outweigh your total body weight below the axles of the wheels. I can't imagine carrying or trying to move something that weighs more than myself, so the only other apparent option would be to raise the axles of the wheels to help stabilize it, and add room for some weight. To do this, you'd need wheels twice as large as bike wheels. Still, the wheels would have to be manufactured, and they'd be up to your shoulders when riding it (I guess it's not a legway if the wheels are THAT big), and again, bulky and only movable by riding it. But the steamroller design is still gold. I might design a one person enclosed reclining version and enter the designs in an upcoming science fair... (If I choose to do this, I can accredit my inspiration to you from your SteamRoller instructable) Hopefully all things are going well for you, and that things are running smoothly. Cheers!