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alexpoho7 years ago
hello. I was thinking of doing something like this for exercise but also to generate electricity to maybe run a heater to heat my basement and maybe offset the heating costs of my house. However, these seem like they are generating nowhere near as much wattage. Isn't there a way to use a 18 speed bike or something to increase the rpm's significantly? Also, to use something like a car alternator and a power inverter and car battery or voltage regulator to generate a higher amount of power? I mean with gearing and the proper ratio's and amount of wire coils aren't the possibilities infinite?? save friction and max. rpm speed? I mean with a real bicycle in a low gear? I figure I could generate enough to run maybe not a dryer, but why not something bigger than a charger or light bulb?
bdwhaley (author)  alexpoho7 years ago
Keep in mind that the average adult in decent shape can only sustain an hourly wattage rate of about 100 Watts. No matter what gear ratio you choose, no matter how efficent your system is. It will be hard to get your power output any higher than that. Brad
OK, SORRY, DON'T WANT TO BOTHER.... but the ones that i saw the person is running lights or a charger off a bike....?? can't you do that with one of those little ancient bike wheel generator's?? I know you can get flashlights with a hand crank that are wicked bright. My kid has one. So, with more copper coils and larger magnets or something, can't you just rig a larger alternator??? I know that you can get higher output alternator's....
my whole idea is to do something that will run a heater off of an excercise bike just to have the heater or multiple electric heaters pumping out at their capacity or close so that I will get a double incentive for exercise and to raise the heat in my basement to possible rise up the stairwell or through vents to warm my house. Even if it keeps the gas boiler off for 10 minutes or something for the time i use it, ideally more, sure.... OR, if I could possibly use it and regualte it to run my dryer for one load.... I mean it is all technology, isn't the cruising speed on the bike apparatus just a constant???? can't it be amplified and regulated????
alxram8 years ago
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