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Kiteman7 years ago
So, you have lost all respect for me?

Why am I supposed to care? Are you trying to persuade me to convert so that I gain the respect of an anonymous stranger? Is that why you profess faith, to gain the respect of others?

If you refuse to respect people because they do not subscribe to your own mythology, then you are going against the teachings of your own figurehead.

(Just because I do not follow your faith, that does not mean I am ignorant of it. My knowledge of scripture is probably greater than many of those who profess to live by it.)
becauseican (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
i never insulted ur arogance. i feel i would just state that i do not like you. sorry about the insulting aspect. but still you will burn in hell.
but still you will burn in hell.

Prove it. Do you know scripture? Where does it say he will ~burn~ in ~hell~? Two things for you to prove. And for added interest, show what the nature of hell is according to the bible. You ~will~ have to provide scriptural references.
becauseican (author)  8bit7 years ago
ok sry u will not BURN in hell just suffer.
No, this is not sufficient. I need references. Do you even know what you are saying? If you do not know the biblical reasons for these sayings, you may be misrepresenting God's word - a grievous offense against the creator. Why are you saying these things? Provide references.
I have never given you resaon to dislike me, although I easily could.

Still, you feel the need to off-handedly condemn me to eternal torment.

Do you feel, deep down, that such an approach makes you a good Christian? Read your Gospels. Concentrate on the parables. How are you supposed to treat people?