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I made your goggles... Here is how they turned out!
benfarhner (author)  xxgearzofgrindxx7 years ago
Awesome! Great use of an old belt. I love the distressed look too. Good job :D
Iridium78 years ago
did you make a video on how to make the steampunk goggles cause I saw something the looked like the goggles but I wasn't sure
benfarhner (author)  Iridium78 years ago
I did make a video for Threadbanger on how to make these same goggles. It's up on the Threadbanger website and on YouTube.
what was the video called I keep looking for your account and the video but nothing comes up.
benfarhner (author)  Iridium78 years ago
Hm, it appears it didn't make it on to YouTube, contrary to what I was told. Here's the video: http://www.threadbanger.com/episode/iST_20080826
HAL 90008 years ago
Thanks, I'll be sure to email you the plans or something, I'll let you know how it goes.
HAL 90008 years ago
Hey, I was thinking about writing and sketching up some plans based on your stand design to give to the local music store for free distribution. Can I get your name or email or something to give you proper credit?
benfarhner (author)  HAL 90008 years ago
Sorry for not replying sooner, my name is Ben Farhner. I think that's a fantastic idea, hope it works out!