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kc5tja6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
toomuch kc5tja5 years ago
Good thing I saved the page while it was still hosted :). I am referring to it now. I might use "maglev" instead of bearings (like high-speed trains, roller coasters, and future large scale VAWTs). Maybe i'll make an instructable for those of us who don't care how little something sells for, as we prefer to be self sufficient.
dombeef toomuch3 years ago
Can you upload it?
bhunter736 (author)  kc5tja6 years ago
Hi, for some reason Instructables didnt let me remove it completely. I have opened a contract to mass produce them. Hopefully for less than you can buy the materials for. I should have a better idea of costs within a month. I am sorry for keeping the information to myself, but there is a huge population that will benefit if I can get this done. Whole regions of third world countries as well as those of us looking out for the environment in technology based countries. I plan to sell a kit with the alternator already built and you can make your own windmill as well as a whole project kit. Contracts are already in play, so this isnt something Im still fishing for. Check out - my new website dedicated to making these available ASAP. - Brad
OK, awesome. Thanks for the update and the link! Unfortunately, we've already invested heavily in parts and tools; and, we can't wait one month to complete this, as in one month our deployment must be ready. But, that being said, should we need more, we'll definitely consider sending business your way. Thanks!
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bhunter736 (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Hi again. : )