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MAVREV135 years ago
yep and i know alout heck i made a epic longshot
MAVREV136 years ago
SO UIN13 SUCKS????????????????????????????
bighead5454 (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
what the heck is the UIN13?
wow you dont know who uin13. hahahahhhahahahahahaha youtube him id10t
bighead5454 (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
well since i dont mod nerf guns why would i know who he is?
DJ Radio6 years ago
Thanks for subbin.
knexsniper16 years ago
hey, i see that you are interested in combatarms! that's great! if you would like to know more about the game, then come visit my forum, and if you want to know how to download the game and stuff, then drop a comment!
bighead5454 (author)  knexsniper16 years ago
i saw ur forum and i think it would be great to play but see logic boys orange board for my prob but u probably know it
bighead5454 (author)  Shaznazabbadaz6 years ago
um who are u
Jared1234 plays Combat Arms!