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biskies (author)  SlickSqueegie3 years ago
Came for the catapults, stayed for those amazing Exacto knives!!!
You got me with those printed panels. Lots of different ideas from that. I like yours
What if I told you there was an easier way (kinda).
If you take your print on paper to a place that has an actual laser copier (the big ones) and have them print it on the big machine, you can lay the copied print face down on the panel and with mineral spirits and a sponge, saturate the paper and lift the paper away, you are left with a beautiful transfer.
Not that yours doesn't look magnificent.
If you don't have any mineral spirits, you can use an iron to transfer it is well. I have tried it with two home (laser) printers and failed on both occasions with these methods, and succeeded when I took it to Kinkos for a copy. could be the toner? could be the printer? I don't know, but its nice to see your method work well with a home laser printer.
biskies (author)  SlickSqueegie3 years ago
Most home printers are ink jets and fail miserably. I have mine done at Staples' copy center (like Kinkos). I don't know much about mineral spirits though, I guess I have some research to do. Does this require overnight drying?
Okay, wait. Its not mineral spirits. It's Acetone. Fingernail polish remover, but in its raw form. available at any hardware store very cheap. No overnight drying. just allow the acetone to evaporate and its ready to be sealed or finished.
Awesome craft project plus ice cream in CAKE = Insta-follow. Thank you for the great instructables.
biskies (author)  veruca_salt8903 years ago
Thank you so much! I didn't even see this until just now (I had no idea what the Orangeboard was, but now I know to check more often) :)