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Hey, thank you for the subscription! I am subscribing back as your stuff is really cool. Do you have any projects you are working on, at the moment?

Sorunome1 year ago

Thanks for subscribing!

What made you to?

blockabloke (author)  Sorunome4 months ago

i liked your Harry Potter lego instructables I hope U make more! :)

hunter9991 year ago

My 30th follower! :-) Thanks for subbing!

blockabloke (author)  hunter9994 months ago

your welcome :)

JonnyBGood6 months ago
knex akbar8 months ago

sorry for joining the orangeboard spam with the same comment over and over again but thanks for subscribing!

blockabloke (author)  knex akbar7 months ago
Your welcome. :]
JonnyBGood1 year ago
Thanks for the subscription!

Just so you know I'll be posting a new gun soon.
blockabloke (author)  JonnyBGood7 months ago
AUG-5OM38 months ago

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Thanks for subscribing

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