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anshul gt5 years ago
hey dude
gneedel8 years ago
Thanks for featuring my robot instructable.
bradpowers (author)  gneedel8 years ago
Yeah, your Instructable was great! Greg Marra (who I think you know) pointed me at it.
yup I know him well. I still am going to work on it a bit now that I have some time so that I can give people more info.
linuxmom8 years ago
Thanks for featuring my salad..
bradpowers (author)  linuxmom8 years ago
Hey, if it was easy enough for me to make, and delicious, it's clearly good enough for the front page!
Once again, thanks. Your vote of confidence is appreciated. By the way, I think it makes a nice presentation for any special meal....a good way to impress that someone in your life!
bradpowers (author)  linuxmom8 years ago
Aha! (Goes to grocery store, buys ingredients. Puts on hunting cap, looks for special someone) ;)
There's always a someone special out there.....patience and good aim makes for an excellent marksman: )
bradpowers (author)  linuxmom8 years ago
Good call. (Puts on hunting cap, sets "special someone snare." Waits.) ;)

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