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anique00403 years ago
Breumer you are right, I have made this one at my home. This was beautiful and take so short time but not 60 minute because we can cut and assemble with in 60 minute but not polished in this time. You know polish needs time because we need layers of polish and every layer need time for dry. and other thing .........I were forgotten about front "gola" which nailed with glue at the rough front side plywood place. And when we use glue at every step then you know glue needs 24 to 48 hours for dry, when we use formica and ply at doors then we need press that thing for that long time after that time that joint does strong. Anyway in short we can assemble in this short time, this was good and interesting project for me because its useful. When you will done any other project then please inform me as your friend I will do that as you can. Thanks, God bless you. Ameen!
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