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Aug. 6, 2012
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Mech. engineer, robot programmer, vba programmer, Cad administrator. Can make almost anything "talk" to something else.
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  • Hyundai Getz, aftermarked remote controlled central lock

    Well just one or twoIf i understand you correctly, the drivers door works, but the rest doesnt ?And the original system is still original ( of course exepting that you "steal" power to the control box, mening the doors should work :-)If so, then perhaps the new actuator, isnt moving far enough to actuate the driver side door lock, meaning theres no signal, when trying the remote1) Is it mostly while locking, or is it when opening ? if both... you need another actuater with a longer throw or 3)2) if its the one, try adjusting the placement of the actuator a little bit.3) Try giving the non updated system a go.. i newer thought that my systems succes was because i only use the signal from the extra actuator, an drive the other doors from the control box... but it is a possibility.3a) Before doing this, try using a voltmeter, to see if the actuate signal is comming "out" from your control box... You could just connect a passenger/rear door actuator to verify that its workingBest Browsem

    Sorry just saw your question now...You have to make the 5 wire motor, work with the control box that came with the set

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  • Hyundai Getz, aftermarked remote controlled central lock

    Followed your updated instructions and drivers door works but the actuator seems to trigger so fast the other doors don't unlock/lock most of the time. When locking manually they work every time. Any ideas?

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