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Hiyadudez2 years ago
Hey hey hey!

I am hosting a giveaway where I will be giving away 2 x Pro Year Memberships, and I just wanted you to know 'cause you're awesome!

builder968 (author)  Hiyadudez2 years ago
Cool, thanks! This may be just what I needed to get back into K'nex!
DJ Radio4 years ago
What's your gamertag? I think I can play on live even though I have a free account due to a glitch.
builder968 (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
You have me on there, my GT is A Killing Pie
oh nevermind it's just a free gold weekend.
Seleziona4 years ago
Hey! Did you finish the stock yet?
weirdo625 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
builder968 (author)  weirdo625 years ago
I KNOW!!!!! Spaceballs is AWESOME!
YEAH I love that movie have you ever seen dodgeball a true underdog story
builder968 (author)  Hunter O.4 years ago
Yeah. That was hilarious.
Seleziona5 years ago
builder968 (author)  Seleziona5 years ago
Your break action shotgun. It goes through a cardboard box from 20 ft away and 4 rubberbands.
Holy crap! Really? I didn't really test it out. WOW!! Thanks ;)
builder968 (author)  Seleziona4 years ago
Oh, I know it's an old thread, but your AA-12 is beast.
Thanks man!