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bsteven936 years ago
just asking what type of drill press do you use and I've made designs of a dice rubik 4x4 and 5x5 but i need to find a drill press to make it though so plz send a email to me and since you already have a drill press i may even send you my designs if you like to build it =D

email address: Beltran.Steven@yahoo.com
also one more thing you can make it but don't tell anyone of the design that's what Im going to do! =D
what if you don't have a drill press on hand?
ratolibre17 years ago
Hi! Loved your Rubik's Dice cube. BTW, I was wandering if you could make something like THIS with the same system. I know there's not too much info about this new cube, but I'm pretty sure you'll be able to sort that problem.

2bsilver8 years ago
Mabe i can just take a normal rubiks tm and cut it up then use quick dry putty to fill it up allong with the strong magnets and use a smaller core? i mean itd be easier to cut up a normal rubiks with plyers or somthing instead of removing a large section of a solid. I dont quite understand what you mean about the problems with the 2x2x2?
burzvingion (author)  2bsilver8 years ago
I'm not sure what you mean about the putty, but perhaps it would be possible the replace the central axes that allow the centers to rotate with magnets, and then put a small steel ball in the inside. But I think the ball would have to be pretty small, as the plastic ledges that keep the rest of the pieces connected take up a lot of room inside. In regard to the problems with the 2x2x2, the magnets aren't exactly aligned correctly, so it can be slightly distorted at times while solving it.
2bsilver8 years ago
by the way if you where to ever sell magnetic 3x3x3 rubix i would totally buy one off you since i have no axcess to any drill clamps nor anything of that sort unfortunately...
burzvingion (author)  2bsilver8 years ago
Sorry, my cubes will never be for sale, although there are now quite a few people who have made one, so its not entirely out of the question that someone else might.
2bsilver8 years ago
hey i joined this site to ask you something! ever thought of joining the 2x2x2 mag cube idea with your 3x3x3 magnetic cube? using larger metalic orb different angles allowing a magnetic cube to be able to speed cube it mite even be faster than a regular cube if you do it that way. you prob just need a metal ball slitely larger than a cube but how you would achive the roundhole you need i will never know but that bit i wanna see if you can do it! lol
burzvingion (author)  2bsilver8 years ago
The thought did occur to me, however, the corners would still need to be attached to the edges in the 3x3 manner. Additionally, my 2x2x2 cube did not turn out quite as well as I hoped it would, as was rather frustrating at times. Mostly in regard to gluing the magnets into the dice. Maybe someday you'll figure something out though! g/l
burzvingion (author)  TheCheese99219 years ago
what I said hello
burzvingion (author)  TheCheese99219 years ago
do i know you?
no thats why its called an introduction
burzvingion (author)  TheCheese99219 years ago
alright... but typically an introduction introduces some other dialogue on behalf of the speaker. you said nothing else, so I was confused.