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bethmwl4 years ago
I enjoyed your bike trailer instructable. This has always puzzled me and I thought maybe you could answer this question. You made mention of the front wheels being angled inward, so to speak. In what way does such a design improve such vehibles. I've seen wheelchairs go from straight up and down wheels to these angled versions. Why? Although, just now I invisioned how much more difficult it would be to overturn such a vehicle. Perhaps I answered my own question. Input would be valued, none the same. Thanks
carkat (author)  bethmwl4 years ago
i'm not an expert but i would say this has more than one reason. the first is that you broaden the wheelbase which makes the vehicle more stable while riding and in turns. the second might be that the weight with inward angled wheels is not directly distributed to the points above where the wheel touches the surface but more inward. so if there occur lateral forces (like in curves) the wheels can handle the sum of the forces (lateral force inwards plus gravity downwards) better - it's like sitting on a "normal" bike and leaning into curves to not fall over.
the downsidde might be that there is always a force drawing downwards from the wheel-axle for which the average bike wheel is not built. it could lead to damage. ideally would be to build special wheels for this, but this needs lots of knowledge in wheelbuilding i guess.
Hi carkat,
Newbie here. Got a question about the cargo bike on the front with two wheels. Would it possible to mout the pivot on the back of the cargo area instead of underneath? So all you would have to do is cut and change the angle of the tube for the handle bars? That would also greatly cut down on the welding of the tube if the mount was made where it slips in and then bolted from top and bottom.
carkat (author)  lostkramer764 years ago
i guess you're thinking of something similar to this: http://blog.kargovelo.com/post/18732917880/r-26-by-ozeki
the problem is that steering becomes unpredictable at higher speeds with this pivot position. and "higher" speed doesn't mean "fast" ;-) if you're transporting heavy loads and ride really slow this should work perfect. it's the same principle as with those shopping bags with two wheels people have: if you draw them behind you they will follow every move even if you run (pivot is in front of the two wheels), but if you try to push them in front of you they try to brake free whenever they can (pivot is behind the wheels). except you go very slow and the bag is heavily loaded.
so this idea is more for like inside factorys and such huh? ok, didn't think about it becoming unstable.I was just looking for an easy build to haul my kids around in the front. I think I will go instead with extending a trikes rear by 2 feet instead. Simple but very effective without having to do too much welding and cuttting. Thanks again for your time!
TSC6 years ago
Nice stuff!!!!!!
carkat (author)  TSC6 years ago
thanks a lot!!
TSC carkat6 years ago
You're welcome!!!!!